Online slots such as on are great places to have some fun. People also visit these slots to win some money. If you have little knowledge of virtual slots, keep reading this article. After reading it, you should be able to take your next gambling steps.

Kinds of online slots

Classic slots have always remained immensely popular among online gamblers. These feature fruits, candies, bars, bells, etc. and are easy to play. Classic slots are pretty generic in nature.Video slots such as Gonzo's Quest and Guns N'Roses are theme based and exciting to play.

  1. Create your online casino account in a few easy steps
  2. Read all the directions before playing your slot

You win your online slot game when you land a winning combination of symbols.Most of the slots have some common symbols such as Ace, Jack, King, Queen, and 10. Some slots may have Wilds and Scatters. The last two symbols help you in many ways.

Wild symbols in online slots

A Wild is like the Joker in a pack of cards. It can substitute for any other symbol in your game. For instance, if you need 3 Queens for a winning payline and have just 2 of them, the Wild comes to your rescue.

Wilds don't substitute for Scatters and Free Spin symbols. They are completely random in nature and can pop up any time. Wilds add excitement to your game but to know how they work, read the paytable of your slot game. There are different kinds of Wilds.

Kinds of Wilds

Expanding Wilds grow in size and fill up the entire reel. Sticky Wilds stay on the same reel after multiple spins. Stacked Wilds consist of various Wilds that are stuck together and they can fill up the entire reel. Walking Wilds move from one reel to another.

In a Wild Overlay, the Wilds are packed in a special shape. The Wild Overlay falls on the reels and take the shape of any symbol. Completely random in nature, the Wild Overlay appears after your spin has finished. You can find this Wild in several Netent games.

Scatters and Multipliers

Scatters help you unlock new features and benefits in your online slot game. They need to be lined up in a particular order on a payline in order that you benefit. To find out how many Scatters you need for the unlocking of your benefits, read the paytable.

  • Many 5-reel slots have Scatter symbols
  • You can also find these symbols in progressive jackpot games

Multipliers can help you multiply your winnings 10x. 15x or even 20x. There are some Multipliers that can increase your line or total bets. Base Play Multipliers amplify the value of your winning payline while Free Spin Multipliers come during a Free Spin in your game.


RTP and Volatility

Every slot is defined by its RTP. This number signifies the attractiveness of that slot. Let's say a slot has an RTP of 99%. This means when 10 bets of $1 each are placed on the slot, it is likely to return 99% of this money over a period.

Some slots are highly volatile and other have low to medium volatility. When you play on a highly volatile slot, you might win or lose big amounts of money very quickly. On low volatility slots, your earnings are stable. Choose slots that have high RTP but low volatility.